Amazing coffee made by great people for a good cause.

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love




Batch Brew $2.50 $3.00 $4.00

V60 $4.25

V60 Gold $8.50



Flat White $4.00

Latte $3.75 $4.25 $4.75

Cappuccino $3.75 $4.25 $4.75

Americano $3.00 $3.50 $4.00

Americano Misto $3.75 $4.25 $4.75

Espresso $3.25

Macchiato $3.50

Mocha $4.75 $5.25 $5.75

Extra Shot $1.50

Milk Sub $0.75



Black/Green/Herbal $2.50 $4.00

Chai Latte $4.25 $4.75 $5.25

Earl Grey Latte $4.25 $4.75 $5.25

Rooibos Latte $4.25 $4.75 $5.25


Not Coffee

Hot Chocolate $3.75 $4.25 $4.75

Ginger Beer $3.00

Root Beer $3.00

San Pellegrino $2.50

Still H2O $2.00




KIN + POD $7.50
52% 60% 70%

Pastry $3.00

Cake $3.75

Cupcake $3.00

Aussie Bites $2.50 for 3

Cookies $3.00 for 2

$1.75 for 1

Muffin $3.00

Biscotti $1.75


Our Vision

Amazing coffee made by great people for a good cause.

Located in downtown YYC, in beautiful, historic Knox United Church, Sanctuary Coffee is a social enterprise committed to amazing coffee AND social good. It’s great people that make both happen.

Sanctuary Coffee combats social isolation

We’re making a place where people connect and community develops.

Sanctuary Coffee equips volunteers

We’re providing people with opportunities to build their 
skill set and increase their employability.

Sanctuary Coffee promotes sustainability

We’re establishing a community-focused future in downtown Calgary for this historic building.

We proudly serve coffee made with beans from Calgary’s finest roasters: MONOGRAM, ROSSO, and PHIL & SEBASTIAN.

We also sell 340g bags of their beans so you can make amazing coffee at home. $20. (Ask us for brewing tips!)


Our Team

Sanctuary Coffee is dedicated to making connections with people who live and work in downtown YYC. Our team members play a key role in making sure you feel welcome and affirmed every time you visit.



Jennifer Young has worked as a barista and barista trainer in both London (UK) and Calgary, and was also a Lean Greenbelt Program Manager in Vancouver. Jenn was born and raised in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.A. in psychology.

I applied to work at Sanctuary Coffee because I wanted to apply my passion for coffee and teaching in a social enterprise. The vision for the cafe that I read about in an article by CBC reinvigorated the greater vision I had for my own life. Sanctuary Coffee is a non-confrontational way to show that faith and spirituality are intertwined in our daily lives. In working here, I’ve come to realize that I’m given the opportunity everyday to connect with those seeking sanctuary from the daily grind in the downtown core and those seeking sanctuary from judgement because of the circumstances they find themselves in.



Amy worked in the retail and finance industry for seven years and is an ESL student at Bow Valley College. She graduated from Hanyang University with a B.A. in Japanese Language and Culture and came to Canada three years ago from Seoul, South Korea to broaden her horizons.

Sanctuary Coffee is a great place for me because I love coffee, love to meet people, and I’ve had the chance to learn to make specialty coffee! I applied to be a volunteer Sanctuary Coffee a few months after moving to Calgary because I wanted to participate in the local community, be part of a social enterprise, and make new friends. Now, I’ve joined the staff and am happy to be working with an excellent manager, Jenn, our great Sanctuary Coffee team, and good customers!


Greg Glatz, MINISTER

Greg was born and raised in Winnipeg and moved to Calgary in 2015. He’s worked in community-focused ministry since 1992, was ordained in 1993, and completed his doctorate at George Fox University (Portland, OR) in 2014, where he studied with Leonard Sweet. He’s delighted to be part of an inclusive and affirming United Church of Canada congregation and is spearheading several of the church’s placemaking initiatives.

Sanctuary Coffee is an amazing example of how communities can shape church spaces looking for new life and energy. People who work and live in downtown YYC brighten up Knox’s beautiful sanctuary with their coffee orders and conversations. We’re honoured to be part of making connections in the heart of Calgary.



You can find Sanctuary Coffee in the beautiful, historic sanctuary of Knox United Church. 

Use the big wooden doors on 6th Ave SW, or come in through the glass doors on 4th St. SW.

506 4th St. SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1S7


M-F 07:00–16:00 (7AM to 4PM)
Su 10:00–14:00 (10AM to 2PM)